With an experience of 18 years working in a important financial institution in Brazil, I developed skills of customer service, negotiation and win-win results, project management and team management.


Always caring for self-development, I brought the best leadership practices to my unity.


In addition to being a branch manager, after some years I was also an executive manager encompassing People Management, and participated in projects impacting the entire organization, such as the implementation of variable earnings, the application of the new performance evaluation model and the new style of corporate education.


I highlighted the work on Design Thinking, Digital Transformation and Agile Methodologies, which helped spread a new culture among the more than 80,000 employees. In recent years, I have been in the strategic area of the bank, with a primary role in organizing major events.



In a pursue of an even greater dream, count on a coach who has executive experience, worldliness, and skills proficiented on More Humanistic Methodology.


Learn to put into practice this methodology that has been used all over the world.


Apply in your next business or university projects, after all, CREATIVITY is among the TOP 10 most needed expertise of the future, according to the World Economic Forum.


If you also welcome the values ​​of empathy, collaboration and experimentation, come join this generation of designers!

Design Thinking



  • The human being in the digital era: are we going to compete with robots?

  • The Importance of Career Learning Mindset

  • Leadership in the VUCA World


  • Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Agile Methodologies ... what's the difference?




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